SimCity Best Hack for BuildIt Android Game

SimCity BuildIt Game Hacking System

SimCity BuildIt hack 2017Hello all, I want to introduce to you our SimCity Buildit Game Hacking system. It is the best system that you have ever seen. It can help you in Simcity to receive more SimCash and Simoleons for free or cheap. It has been developed by 3 entrepreneur students. They are really happy that they had this big opportunity to hack a game. It was a really good experience in game hacking.
The head software developer told us that the SimCity BuildIt cheat has been tested for more than 2 years. It has been tested by around 1.000 of talented students.

What Is SimCity BuildIt game all about?

You can be a mayor of your own city that you will build on your smartphone. The game is very similar to its Computer ‘Sister’ version. You can build a city full of skyscrapers, family houses and a lot more. You can expect a natural and or unnatural disasters in your city. You will be able to maintain traditional city services such as entertainment, healthcare, public transport system and so on. You can build your city online or offline which is a big plus for this great game. Also, this game can boost your own creativity. You can compete in awesome challenges so the game doesn’t get boring after a small amount of time.

Who is the developer of this Game?

This marvellous game has been developed by the famous studio EA Games. SimCity BuildIt is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts Game Studios.

Which Currencies Can you Use?

So which currencies are you able to use? There are two main currencies. One of it is called SimCash and another are Simoleons.

It can be confusing for you so we will discuss it now.

What is SimCash?

SimCash is the main currency of SimCity franchise. It is often used to speed up things. It can fasten Timers. You can buy Premium Buildings with SimCash or buy Missing Materials. You can also buy Simoleons. As in other games, you can buy it for your real cash. And we don’t like this, so you can use our Hacked SimCity BuildIt game.simcash hack simcity buildit

When you start playing the game, you will have only a 50 SimCash.

What are Simoleons?

Simoleons is the basic currency. You can’t buy it with your real money, but you can buy it with SimCash. The Simoleons is in the SimCity game since SimCity 3000 (1999).

You can buy better buildings with it and you can use them to invest in some neighborhoods in your city.

How can you earn Simoleons?

You can get them by collecting taxes from your citizens, or you can get a loan. Another way to top up your account with Simoleons is to use our SimCity BuildIt cheats for free! It is the fastes way.. 🙂 Or you can use Simcity Buildit hack .

Where Can I Play it?

You can play it on your phone with Android or iOS system. You could play it on other operating systems with some kind of emulator. You can search it up on Google..
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